About the forum

About the forum

Postby staffybullmaster » Thu May 20, 2010 1:09 pm

Hi thanks for taking the time to read.
We have bought four web addresses that now belong to us see below.
http://www.staffordshirebullterrierforum.co.uk = fORUM
http://www.thestaffordshirebullterrier.co.uk = Website
http://www.thestaffordshirebullterrierforum.co.uk = Forum
http://www.sbtforum.co.uk = Forum
All of the forum address direct you here and the web address to our website.We have also built a website to run along side the forum.
We just want to give people some where to come and read and see pictures of how great our breed is.
We also have lots more comming soon.
Suggestions welcome.
We will also be looking for people to help run the forum.
Any suggestions just let us no.
Regards Paul
Website http://www.Thestaffordshirebullterrier.co.uk
Forum http://www.Thestaffordshirebullterrierforum.co.uk
The site is sponsered by http://www.tpps.co.uk
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